Anti-corrosion LED Lamp

Anti-corrosion LED Lamp

Input Voltage:AC100-277V 50/60HZ
Light eFficiency:85-90 LMAV
LED lifetime:>50,000H

Product Details

Parameter Description


Input Voltage:AC100-277V 50/60HZ

Light eFficiency:85-90 LMAV

Power Factor:>0.96

Total harmonic Distortion <12%

LED lifetime:>50,000H

Light Source:5050

Optical Lens:PMMA Optical Lens

Beam Color Typical:5500K

Color Rendering Index:75-90

Weight:2.5 kg with Power Supply Unit

IP Rating IP 44: Indoor using


Light source: 5050

Low power consumption

High luminosity and long life time

Environmentally friendly

Excellent opto-electronic performance

Optimized heat fins for natural convection

High-efficiency cooling system

High-efficiency LED power driver

High light transmission PC protection cover


Please make sure all power turned off before maintenance.

Clean the reflecting surface periodically, to keep good reflectivity.

Clean the lamp heat sink periodically, to keep good heat dissipation.

Clean with dry cloth, don’t use water or corrosive liquid.

When replace driver, connect the wires as follows: AC Power supply three core wires, connect power input : brown line connect with the "L", blue line connect with the "N" , yellow-green or yellow line connected into the lamp body of insulation. Light source lead to connect power output: the red connection with the light source is the positive (red line), the black thread and the light source cathode (black line), positive and negative must not be connected wrong.


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