Automatic Switching Or Dimming LED Lights

Automatic Switching Or Dimming LED Lights

Automatic switching or dimming LED lights Induction
When people enter into the range of Automatic switching or dimming LED lights, it will turn on, when people leave, it will turn off with delay.

Product Details

Automatic Switching Or Dimming LED Lights

When someone enters the sensing area and meets the lighting requirements, the sensor switch automatically turns on, the load device starts to work, and the delay system is activated. As long as the human body does not leave the sensing area, the load device will continue to work. When the human body leaves the sensing area, the sensor starts to calculate the delay, the delay ends, the sensor switch automatically turns off, and the LED downlight stops working. Really safe, convenient, intelligent and energy efficient.

Product Features and Specifications

1. Energy conservation, long life, security.

2. Product design using special sensors to detect infrared of human body spectrometer changes, Someone walked to the range, the lights will work, when people leave. after 60 seconds, the light will automatically turn off.

3. This product using the photosensitive control, have automatic metering function, only when the light is dark it will work.

Application of the Automatic Switching Or Dimming LED Lights

It can be applied to corridor, passageway, toilet, basement, warehouse, garage, etc. which have the function of automatic lighting, and control. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom, school, hospital, hotel, shopping mall, commercial complex, subway station, lobby, hall, office, passageway.


Advantages of Automatic Switching Or Dimming LED Lights

1. Environmental protection lamps to protect the earth; LED lamps do not use mercury and do not contain lead, which protects the environment.

2. Efficient illumination and reduced loss; LED lamps have directional illumination and will not cause loss of light.

3. Efficient illumination, reducing loss; LED lamps are directional, and will not cause loss of light.

4. LED lamps will not produce ultraviolet light, and the interior will become cleaner and more tidy.

5. Energy saving and longer life; LED lamp consumes one-half of the power of traditional fluorescent lamps, can be used for a long time without replacement, and reduces labor costs.

Product details



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5 years warranty

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