Industry Using Double-Sides Lighting

Industry Using Double-Sides Lighting

1.Good thermal management
2.Double isolated driver
3.Patent reflector design, unique appearance

Product Details

Industry Using Double-Sides Lighting

1. Good thermal management

2. Double isolated driver

3. Patent reflector design, unique appearance

4. Environmentally, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation

5. Excellent heat dispersion, and low power consumption 

6. Directly replace, easy installation 

Industry Using Double-Sides Lighting Applications

*Residential: kitchens, hallways, cabinets, cupboards.

*Commercial: Corridors, lobbies, conference rooms, restaurants, break rooms and public areas etc;

*Commercial advertizing case;

*Factory, plant, warehouse, office;

*Supermarket, department store.


Advantages of the Industry Using Double-Sides Lighting

1. There is No glare, directly replace Traditional Fluorescent T10.

2. Integrated thermal management system; good heat dissipation.

3. Long life with more than 50, 000 hours normal use, perfect for industrial lighting.

4. Optimized light extraction system ensure high lumens delivery.

5. No RF interference, no Lead.

6. Instant startup - LED feature, reasonable driving, no effect from switch on/off.

7. Free maintenance, saving trouble of replace parts of normal fluorescent tube.

8. No flash, AC driving, stable light, protect eyes.

9. Good color vision, color temperature can be adjusted from 3000K to 6500K.

10. Easy mounting, can be mounted directly with existing tube fixtures.

11. Strong and durable, all materials from inner light sources and outer cases are durable materials, such as Epoxy, ABS, PC.

12. No electromagnetism interference, no high power switch and inductance parts, no environment electromagnetism pollution.

the Driver we use is ledfriend, which is TUV,ETL,SAA,CB,DLC,etc certified:


The parameter of the driver:

ParameterCertificationProtectionEfficacyHi-potInsulation ResistancePFTHDCurrent Precision

ParameterLifespanT-ambient(Max)SPECReduce per n (-10℃) Lifespan
Capacitance>48000 hours105℃>8000 ours under 105℃8000*N (per  -10℃) hours
MOS>50000 hours150℃>50000 hours under 150℃>50000hours


The good qualiy PCB we use:


The comparison of aluminum fixture:




The parameter of our SZAMB led tube
model wattage lumens(lm)   kelvin(K)  CRI(RA)  dimension(mm)
SA218 -V  9W 1080 3000-6500K 80-90600*26
SA418 -V18W2160 3000-6500K 80-90 1200*26
SA428 -V22W2640 3000-6500K 80-90 1200*26
SA528 -V24W2880 3000-6500K 80-90 1500*26
SA538 -V28W3360 3000-6500K 80-90 1500*26
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