High Quality LED Commercial Lighting

High Quality LED Commercial Lighting

1.Environment friendly, No RF interference, No UV or hazardous materials.
2.No need to use the original bracket, easy to mount, more secure for its new plug design.

Product Details

High Quality LED Commercial Lighting

LED commercial lighting originated from the birth of public commercial places, to create lighting systems for commercial use in order to serve the needs of commercial lighting. The goal of modern commercial lighting is clearly targeted. In order to achieve a certain function, it is often necessary to carry out specific design to highlight the environment and reflect specific commercial nature and characteristics. The nature of modern commercial lighting is determined by the purpose of lighting.

Product Features 

1. Environment friendly, No RF interference, No UV or hazardous materials.

2. No need to use the original bracket, easy to mount, more secure for its new plug design.

3. Fast starting, temperature color is soft, without flash, protecting thee eyes.

4. Anti-shock and break-proof. Made of Aluminum and PC. Good for transportation and heat sink.
5. Good heat dissipation. Using high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy as the main heat dissipation, good heat dissipation performance to protect LEDs.
6. High performance Isolated led driver power supply. With removable buckled end cap easy to be replaced.
7. Special circuit design, each LED work separately, any individual LED failure will not cause other LEDs black out.

8. Optional multi-input voltage: Wide-voltage design AC input voltage, adapt to different voltage range.

Application of High Quality LED Commercial Lighting

It is widely used in office buildings, factory workshops, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, underground parking lot, hotels etc. With strong anti-interference ability, suitable for various countries and regions in the world. 


Advantages of High Quality LED Commercial Lighting

*Non-discoloring opal polycarbonate diffuser,dustproof, makes the light soft and comfortable.

*Adopt high quality chips with high luminous efficiency.

*Power and fixture length can be custom-made to meet different requirement for illumination.

*The fixture can be either linked one by one into a line or seperately installed with clips and screws.

*Integrated  modular LED Aluminium base board design, LED strip PCB can be replaced, convenient to maintain.

Components of SZAMB'S LED TUBE:





the Driver we use is ledfriend, which is TUV,ETL,SAA,CB,DLC,etc certified:    


The comparision of different driver:  

AMB's LED TubeOther's LED TubeOther's LED Tube
Isolated LED driverNon-isolated LED driverResistance capacitance driver
TUV,VDE certificationNon-any certificationEasy to leakage
High cost & High warrantyLow cost & Low warrantyCapacitor life is short


The parameter of the driver:

ParameterCertificationProtectionEfficacyHi-potInsulation ResistancePFTHDCurrent Precision

ParameterLifespanT-ambient(Max)SPECReduce per n (-10℃) Lifespan
Capacitance>48000 hours105℃>8000 ours under 105℃8000*N (per  -10℃) hours
MOS>50000 hours150℃>50000 hours under 150℃>50000hours


The good qualiy PCB we use:






The parameter of our SZAMB led tube:
model wattage lumens(lm)   kelvin(K)  CRI(RA)  dimension(mm)
SA218   9W 1080 3000-6500K 80-90600*26
SA418 18W2160 3000-6500K 80-90 1200*26
SA428 22W2640 3000-6500K 80-90 1200*26
SA528 24W2880 3000-6500K 80-90 1500*26
SA538 28W3360 3000-6500K 80-90 1500*26
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