LED Tube

LED Tube

Built-in active PFC function
Patent design + Brand driver+ Brand LED
Product automatic protection (OVP OLP OTP OCP)

Product Details

Brief Introduction 

Widely used in tough applications, Such as parking lots, basement ,power station ,high temperature environment application

2700k 3000k, 3500K 4000k,5000k,5700k 6500k can meet the demand of different customers and markets

Loop hang and wall mounted for convenient installation and maintenance

30°60°90°120° lens which is changeable ( you can buy 1 led flood lights with 4set different angle lens to show customers) 

Unique patent heat sink design for stable performance

Built-in active PFC function

Patent design + Brand driver+ Brand LED

Product automatic protection (OVP OLP OTP OCP)

Trouble removal & Maintenance

Trouble removal ( Non professionals should not disassemble the lamp.)

Fault finding and solutions: When examination, observe any change in color circumstances at LED source appearance or damage, any obvious breakage of connections, loose power supply connections, any short circuit, any obvious damage condition please replace with new LED source or driver


Model: AMB-NFL-100W

LED Type: USA Bridgelux BXCD4545445-HZ-Z COB integrated light source with 165lumen/w.

Flux: 11500-12000 lumen

100w LED Flood light efficiency: 115-120 lumen/w

Driver: Taiwan Meanwell HLG-120H-36B dimmable driver (making longer life-span by lower its current)

Patentiens: Concentrated lighting or flood lighting

Heat sink: Pure copper endothermic material

Heat sink2: 6063 aluminum heat dissipation

Cooling paste: Japan's Shin-Etsux-23-7762

IP rate: IP65

Color temperature: 3000k.4000k.5500k.6500k

Color rendering index: RA75-RA90

Adjustable Angle: 60degree.120degree. 150degree


Addition Approve: D-Mark Approve

Warranty time: 5 years

Packing: 6kg/piece. 1 piece/Carton 315*185*315mm

Operating Environment Temperature: -30〇C+55〇C Humidity 20%-95°/〇

Price: USD125

MOQ: 100Pcs

Delivery time: 15days


  1. Please make sure all power turned off before maintenance.

  2. Clean the reflecting surface periodically, to keep good reflectivity.

  3. Clean the lamp heat sink periodically, to keep good heat dissipation.

  4. Clean with dry cloth, don’t use water or corrosive liquid.

  5. When replace driver, connect the wires as follows: AC Power supply three core wires, connect power input : brown line connect with the "L", blue line connect with the "N" , yellow-green or yellow line connected into the lamp body of insulation. Light source lead to connect power output: the red connection with the light source is the positive (red line), the black thread and the light source cathode (black line), positive and negative must not be connected wrong.

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