LED Vapor Tight Fixture

LED Vapor Tight Fixture

100w outdoor led flood lights
50000hrs life span
Taiwan Meanwell HLG-120H-36B dimmable driver (making longer life-span)

Product Details


  • Widely used in tough applications, Such as parking lots, basement ,power station ,high temperature environment application

  • 2700k 3000k, 3500K 4000k,5000k,5700k 6500k can meet the demand of different customers and markets

  • Loop hang and wall mounted for convenient installation and maintenance

  • 30°60°90°120° lens which is changeable ( you can buy 1 led flood lights with 4set different angle lens to show customers) 

  • Unique patent heat sink design for stable performance

  • Built-in active PFC function

  • Patent design + Brand driver+ Brand LED

  • Product automatic protection (OVP OLP OTP OCP)

  • IP65&


  1. Installation should be done by professional electricians;

  2. Please make sure all power is turned off before installation completed.

  3. Please ensure the power supply wire grounding is normal.

  4. Please ensure the hook tighten well;

  5. When connecting wires, don’t make any frictions or drop off the product, otherwise will cause damage.

  6. Be sure to install the lights correctly, the power cord bare wire must be connected with insulation protection.

  7. When connecting wires, should clearly know Neutral wire , Earth wire and Live wire to assure safety. After examination, switch on.


Clean the reflective surface regularly to maintain good reflectivity.

Clean the bulb heatsink regularly to maintain good heat dissipation.

Clean with a dry cloth, do not use water or corrosive liquids.

When replacing the drive, connect the wires as follows: AC power three-core cable, connect the power input: brown wire is connected to “L”, blue wire is connected to “N”, yellow-green or yellow wire is connected to the lamp body insulation. The light source causes the power supply output to be connected: the red connection to the light source is positive (red line), the black line and the light source cathode (black line), and the positive and negative poles must not be connected incorrectly.

Product warranty

Guaranteed to be delivered to the customer within 5 years, we will be responsible for repair and replacement, if the LED light source is not bright or flashing under the conditions of proper storage, installation, use and maintenance

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