Neat LED Light

Neat LED Light

200w outdoor led light fixtures
Taiwan Meanwell HLG-120H-36B dimmable driver (making longer life-span)
Widely used in tough applications

Product Details

AMB NFL Series Brief Introduction:

  • Widely used in tough applications, Such as parking lots, basement ,power station ,high temperature environment application

  • 2700k 3000k, 3500K 4000k,5000k,5700k 6500k can meet the demand of different customers and markets

  • Loop hang and wall mounted for convenient installation and maintenance

  • 30°60°90°120° lens which is changeable ( you can buy 1 led flood lights with 4set different angle lens to show customers)

  • Unique patent heat sink design for stable performance

  • Built-in active PFC function

  • Patent design + Brand driver+ Brand LED

Product Features:

Has a good waterproof and moisture-proof effect. In addition, its power consumption is also very low, so it is very energy efficient and will not cause waste of electricity. The light of this product is stroboscopic, natural and soft, and is very suitable for use. Long service life and very good quality.

Trouble removal ( Non professionals should not disassemble the lamp.)

Fault finding and solutions: When examination, observe any change in color circumstances at LED source appearance or damage, any obvious breakage of connections, loose power supply connections, any short circuit, any obvious damage condition please replace with new LED source or driver

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