T8 LED Tube

T8 LED Tube

400w outdoor fixtures flood lighting
Taiwan Meanwell driver waterproof
Taiwan Meanwell HLG-120H-36B dimmable driver (making longer life-span)

Product Details

Brief introduction

1. Widely used in demanding applications, such as parking lots, basements, power stations, high temperature environments, etc.

2.2700k 3000k, 3500K 4000k, 5000k, 5700k 6500k to meet the needs of different customers and markets

3. Ring and wall mounting for easy installation and maintenance

4.30°60°90°120° lens can be replaced (you can buy 1 LED floodlight with 4 sets of different angle lenses to show customers)

5. Unique patented heat sink design, stable performance

6. Built-in active PFC function patented design + brand driver + brand LED

7. Product Automatic Protection (OVP OLP OTP OCP)

Installation Precautions

1. Installation should be done by a professional electrician;

2. Be sure to turn off all power before installation is complete.

3. Please ensure that the power cord is grounded properly.

4. Please ensure that the hook is tightened;

5. When connecting the wires, do not rub or drop the product, otherwise it will cause damage.

6. Be sure to install the luminaire correctly. The bare wire of the power cord must be connected to the insulation protection.

7. When connecting the wires, the neutral, ground and fire wires should be clearly understood to ensure safety. After checking, open it.

Product warranty

Shenzhen Anbo Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. guarantees delivery to customers within 5 years, we will be responsible for repair and replacement, if the LED light source is not bright or flashing under the conditions of proper storage, installation, use and maintenance.


Dispose of this product properly. This mark indicates that the product should not be disposed of with other household wastes throughout the EU. Responsible recycling to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources to prevent uncontrolled waste disposal from harming the environment or human health. To return an old device, use the return and collection system or contact the retailer who purchased the product. They can use this product for environmentally safe recycling.


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