Low Bay

Low Bay

Bridgelux Chip High brightness
200w led outdoor landscape lighting
Taiwan Meanwell HLG-120H-36B dimmable driver (making longer life-span).

Product Details

Product introduction:

This product is widely used in demanding applications such as parking lots, basements, power stations, high temperature environments and other applications.

There are a variety of specifications to meet the needs of different customers and markets.

There are two mounting methods for ring and wall mounting, and it is easy to install and maintain.

30°60°90°120° lens replaceable (you can purchase 1 LED floodlight with 4 different angle lenses)

This product has a unique patented heat sink design and is very stable.

Built-in active PFC function.


Possible factors


LED source not bright

Wrong connecting wires

Loose the screws, re-connecting the wires

LED source damage

Replace LED PCB

Power failure

Replace LED driver

LED source flicker

Virtual power supply connecting

Loose the screws, re-connecting the wires

Input voltage fluctuation

Confirm input voltage

Power failure

Replace LED driver

Installation Precautions

Installation should be done by a professional electrician;

Be sure to turn off all power before installation is complete.

Make sure the power cord is grounded properly.

Please make sure the hooks are tight;

When connecting the wires, do not rub or drop the product as it may cause damage.

Be sure to install the luminaire correctly. The bare wire of the power cord must be connected to the insulation protection.

When connecting the wires, you should clearly understand the neutral, ground and live wires to ensure safety. After checking, open it.

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