Grocery Store Lighting Fixtures

Grocery Store Lighting Fixtures

AMB linear panel style led tube light,20-200w
5 years warranty
Patent heat sink design

Product Details

Introduction to AMB ZL

➢ Widely used in demanding applications such as parking lots, basements, power stations, high temperature environments, etc.

➢ 2700k3000k, 3500K 4000k. 5000k, 5700k 6500k to meet the needs of different customers and markets

➢Hang and wall mount for easy installation and maintenance

➢Adjustable angle and different lens (glass cover reflector + PC cover reflector)

➢ Patented heat sink design, unique performance

➢ Built-in active PFC function

➢Patent design + brand drive + brand LED

➢Automatic product protection (OVP OLP OTP OCP)


Commercial and public industrial and agricultural applications

(1) IP54 / IP65 PC cover lens ZL Light is designed for the following applications

(2) IP65 glass cover lens ZL Light is designed for the poultry industry with ammonia corrosion problems


150 cm long

LED type Everlight, 140lumen / w

Flux 13500-15080lumen

Lighting efficiency 111-122lumen / w

LED Driver VDE UL PSE Certified Driver

Install Plug and Play (male and female connectors)

Heat sink 6063 aluminum heat sink

Cooling paste US 3M cream

IP rate IP54 / IP65

Color temperature 3000k .4000k .5500k.6500k

Color rendering index RA75-RA90


Additional approval for D-Mark approval

Warranty time 5 years +

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