Anti-ammoniac Poultry House Lighting

Anti-ammoniac Poultry House Lighting

Anti-ammoniac Poultry House Lighting
-Beam angle:120° 270° 360°
-Lens material: Transparent PC/ Frosty PC
-Operation Temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C

Product Details

Anti-ammoniac Poultry House Lighting

Product Specifictions

-CCT: 2700k-3000k,4000K 4500k,5000k-5500k 6000k-6500k

-CRI: ≥RA80, ≥RA90 is also available

-Voltage range: AC110-277V, AC90-305V; AC85/145V, AC 175/285V(for Triac dimmable

-Beam angle:120° 270° 360°

-Lens material: Transparent PC/ Frosty PC

-Operation Temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C

-Life Span: >80,000 hours

-Warranty: 5 years

Bill of Material



Full PC Pipe

Safety for waterproof

Patent design cap end

94V-0 fire resistance rate

Will not burst


Nylon for seal


Weather resistance

2.0mm thickness

CE,UL,SGS, IP68 Level

Aluimnum profile

0.8mm thickness

209W/(m.K) thermal conductivity

Features of Anti-ammoniac Poultry House Lighting

1. Quick-start, no flickering, eye protection .

2. Low light decay,long lifetime up to 50,000hrs.5years warranty

3. Replacement between our LED tube and traditional fluorescent tube is free and direct.

4. Beautiful appearence, modeling, colorful, unique style, novel and a rhythm, and waterproof.

5. Low cost small prices, standardization, modular combination design, factory production, removable mobile, reusable, easy to stock restructuring, safe, environmental protection, beautiful and efficient light steel system integration house.

Product Applications

Chicken lamp, Poultry houses bulb, Chicken shed bulbs, Poultry light bulb, Rearing poultry light. Poultry production can be improved by optimising the welfare needs of the animal while minimising running costs. Lighting intensity and spectral quality play a significant role in control of poultry's reproductive cycle and its overall growth and performance. The cost of production can be reduced through installation of a well-designed and efficient LED lighting system.

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Installation of the Anti-ammoniac Poultry House Lighting

(1)Series Installation

led lighting for dairy cows

(2) Hanging Installation

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