Carpark LED Lighting

Carpark LED Lighting

led tube chicken farm lights CE RoHS, High PFC,Long lifespan>80,000 hours,5 years warranty time.AMB poultry farm lighting is the best in the world with top triac dimming function from 0.2-100% without any flickers.

Product Details


* T8 tube lights is mainly used in refrigerators, chicken farm, car packing, pig houses, Poultry farm.
* The tube is certificated by CSA, CE.  IP65, UL, TUV compliant.
* The tube with performance up to 120lm/W, and light efficacy up to 88%.
* Meet IEC VDE safety standard with built-in isolated driver and Hi-Pot testing up to 3850V.


-Profile: Patent design with 6063 Aluminum heat sink

-Beam angle: 120° 270° 360°

-Lens material: Transparent PC/ Frosty PC

-Operation Temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C

-Life Span: >80,000 hours

Compared with energy-saving lamps of the same brightness, T8 lamps are cheaper than energy-saving lamps. Compared with traditional incandescent bulbs, it has better conversion efficiency, less heat generation and higher color rendering. Since it has been widely used, people have generally understood the structure and performance of the product, and the supporting product technology is also very mature, so it is used in a large area.Advantages compared with energy saving lamps.

Lamp installation

The installation is relatively simple. It is divided into two types: built-in and external. The LED light tube built in the power supply is replaced by the original fluorescent lamp and replaced with the LED tube. The ballast and the starter are removed, let 220V AC power can be directly applied to the ends of the LED tube.

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