IP65 LED Lamp

IP65 LED Lamp

led tube chicken farm lights CE RoHS, High PFC,Long lifespan>80,000 hours,5 years warranty time.AMB poultry farm lighting is the best in the world with top triac dimming function from 0.2-100% without any flickers.

Product Details


The installation of the LED tube is very simple. When installing, the original fluorescent lamp is removed and replaced with the LED tube, and the ballast and the starter are removed, so that the 220V AC mains can be directly applied to the ends of the LED tube. LED lamp power saving is more than 70%, life is more than 10 times that of ordinary lamp (in theory, it can reach more than 50,000 hours), almost maintenance-free, there is no need to change lamp, ballast, starter frequently The problem can be exchanged for the cost saved in about half a year. Green and environmentally friendly semiconductor electric light source, soft light, pure color, is conducive to people's vision protection and health


-Profile: Patent design with 6063 Aluminum heat sink

-Beam angle: 120° 270° 360°

-Lens material: Transparent PC/ Frosty PC

-Operation Temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C

-Life Span: >80,000 hours

Bill of Material



Full PC Pipe

Safety for waterproof

Patent design cap end

94V-0 fire resistance rate

Will not burst


Nylon for seal



Weather resistance

2.0mm thickness

CE,UL,SGS, IP68 Level

Aluimnum profile


0.8mm thickness


209W/(m.K)        thermal conductivity

LED chip quality judgment:

According to the size of the chip, such as 7*9mil to 10*23mil, the larger the size, the more expensive the relative price, the better the quality; the grade of the chip is: A file, project, B file, wafer For products of different grades, the price difference is multiplied to several times (the specific distinction between the appearance and performance of the A product and the product chip, the insider is also difficult to distinguish, not to mention how to identify the customer; in fact, the so-called project, and Compared with product A, the quality is a little flawed, but it is not a serious quality problem. But no matter what level of chip, after packaging, you can judge what its chip level is.

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