IP65 LED Tri-proof Light

IP65 LED Tri-proof Light

IP65 LED Tri-proof Light
-Dimmable LED tube 0.2-100% to simulate sunrise and sunset.
-Flickering Free Layer LED tube with PWM 0Hz output, As chickens can be visible the lights lower than 205Hz (means 205 frame / per second).
-Layer LED tube is certificated by ETL .DLC .SAA, CE, ROHS, IP65.

Product Details

AMB IP65 LED Tri-proof Light

1) Layer led tube Number : AMB-Layer-4FT-18W-V

2) Products detail: T12-18w-120cm-2600K- Dimmable -IP65- AC85-145V/AC185-264V-Flicker free-270degree-Male and Female connector

3) 2600K-2700k dimmable LED tube  special for  Layer /Chicken , Good for Poultry 

4) Besides the Chicken farm ,This T12 dimmable LED tube  also can be used in car-packing, pig houses, hen house and other Poultry farm.

5) Waterproof LED tube make in full PC pipe with silicone ring. Resistant to some cleaning chemicals

6) Dimmable LED tube 0.2-100% to simulate sunrise and sunset.

7) Flickering Free Layer LED tube with PWM 0Hz output, As chickens can be visible the lights lower than 205Hz (means 205 frame / per second).

8) Layer LED tube is certificated by ETL .DLC .SAA, CE, ROHS, IP65.


Product Information

HT-T12AC25W12FD 2600K Layer light

Product name

AMB IP65 V-shape Layer led tube

Product No.




LED driver

0.2-100% Dimming ,85-145Vac/185-264Vac Flicker free


Dimming from 0.2-100%,Lighting brightness from 0.2% to 100%


T12 tube, OD32mm, Length 1200mm




Clear cover/Transparent cover/milky cover

Beam Angle







Different color temperature for different Chickens 

As chicken see more of the visible light spectrum than human, the poultry lighting spectrum should be different from the commercial lighting.

AMB led Poultry light is composed of red, blue and green color in one light, which can help chickens grow healthy and induce feed conversion to egg or meat.

This light spectrum is AMB specially designed for Layer. AMB LED 2600K/5000K/Full spectrum producing by combining a blue LED with red and green phosphors.


IP65 poultry LED Tri-proof Light Advantages

1) Waterproof

Both dustproof and waterproof to IP65 standard. Such items may be used in wet environments or underwater to specified depths.

-PC material led lights housing to resist cleaning chemicals;

-Waterproof glue inside for standing the water jet when cleaning.

2)Flicker Free

-Our led light is a flicker-free lighting solution;

-It reduces stress for the animals,since they are much more sensitive to light than humans.

3)Uniform light distribution and a perfect light spectrum

-Assures correct light management lead to the prevention of shades and clustering;

-Clustering causes smothering which leads to increased mortality;

-An even light distribution prevents chickens from clustering and stimulates a uniform growth.

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