Analysis Of The Advantages Of LED Ceiling Light

- Aug 25, 2018-

LED ceiling light, the most popular among consumers is environmental protection and energy saving. Of course, it has other advantages and is also loved. Below, Xiaobian will simply talk about the advantages of LED ceiling light.

1. LED ceiling light has small size, anti-vibration, large impact resistance and long service life. Compared with traditional lighting, LED ceiling light has a life expectancy of dozens of times and is also relatively energy efficient. This feature is particularly popular.

2. The high-brightness LED is a high-power and high-brightness LED. The LED ceiling lamp made with it has a longer life, smaller size and flexible design, which becomes a traditional incandescent bulb and halogen lamp. replacement product.

3. The LED ceiling light has good monochromaticity. Common colors usually include red, green, yellow and orange. Its color can be changed by changing the current, and unlike the traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL), the LED ceiling light is free of ultraviolet and infrared radiation in the spectrum, and the harmful mercury metal content is also relatively small. , special environmental protection.

4. LED ceiling light is driven by DC voltage, which can maintain high brightness even under low voltage and low current conditions. And compared to other lights, LED ceiling lights can save up to 80%. And high-brightness LEDs can last as long as 60,000 to 100,000 hours; but incandescent bulbs are only 1,000 hours. Moreover, the LED ceiling light reacts very quickly (100ns ~ 1ns).

It can be seen that LED ceiling light has great advantages compared with ordinary lighting fixtures. In the future, with the exit of incandescent lamps, the lighting market will inevitably be occupied by LED lamps.

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