Chicken Farm LED Light Guide

- Oct 29, 2018-

Poultry farming is usually very conservative, and it took a while to accept LED technology. But now the poultry farming industry has embraced LED technology and its energy-saving benefits. In the past five years, the increasingly sophisticated LED technology has gradually met the lighting needs of the poultry industry.

A good LED lamp is 80% to 85% more energy efficient than an incandescent lamp. But not all LED lights are the same, and farmers should spend time researching LED lights before buying. All LED lights are more expensive than incandescent lights, so you definitely don't want to make mistakes and waste money.

Lighting is an important environmental factor in the poultry industry. Lighting affects production efficiency, animal welfare, and growth rate. The four major elements of light are intensity, period, source, and spectral range. The color of light depends on the different wavelengths in the visible spectrum.

White light contains all the wavelengths in the visible spectrum. But even if it is the same white light, it will show different color temperatures due to the different energy emitted by different wavelengths. Therefore, poultry farmers do not try to use LED bulbs without asking for details or consulting a credible person.

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