Domestic And Foreign Chicken Lamp Development

- Jun 14, 2018-

The new lighting devices of the red, light blue and green single light series developed by the Dutch company can meet the production requirements of different poultry, and its working period can exceed 10,000 hours. Since 1997, this series of lighting equipment has been successfully applied in more than 30 countries in the world. Russia has promoted and used more than 20 large-scale chicken farms for more than two years. The results are very good and it is very popular.

At present, most chicken farms in China use 40W incandescent lamps as lighting sources. They have low luminous efficiency and high power consumption. China is making great efforts to guide energy conservation and emission reduction, and incandescent lamps are gradually exiting the market. Therefore, incandescent lamps will quit farming soon. Field lighting source.

A small number of breeding companies use 28W energy-saving lamp lighting, light color is white, only play a lighting effect. But the energy-saving lamp phosphor contains mercury, the lamp body is easy to break, mercury molecules are not easy to remove, will pollute the environment.

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