Effects Of Several Light Sources On Growth, Development And Production Performance Of Chickens

- Aug 20, 2018-

Laying hens are visually sensitive animals. Its light receiving system is different from other animals. Different light causes some changes in biochemical indicators and nutrient absorption in the body. This in turn affects the body's own development and production performance. research shows. The blue and green light in the spectrum promotes the growth of chickens; orange and red light have an enhanced effect on the reproductive performance of chickens; red light has a calming effect, which can reduce or inhibit the behavior of chickens. A single light source increases the survival rate of the young hen. Therefore, in theory, the laying hen will lay eggs. The ISl feel of the egg is also better. therefore. In addition to providing the necessary visible light for the flock, the artificial light source also has an effect on the flock. Existing studies have shown that different spectra will have different effects on laying hens, and there are many spectra in the spectrum that are beneficial to the growth and production performance of laying hens. It is also partially inhibited or harmful. LED lights can be selected according to the growth of the flock, and the spectrum is selected to enhance the beneficial spectrum of the flock. Reduce the unfavorable spectrum of the flock, thereby improving the performance of the flock.

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