Electrolytic Capacitor Life And Does Not Match The LED Problem

- Mar 05, 2016-

In fact, the effective working life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in large measure by the environmental temperature and by acting on the internal impedance of the effects ripple currents cause the internal temperature rise. Electrolytic Capacitor manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors rated life is based on the exposure to the maximum rated temperature environment and exert maximum rated ripple current conditions came to the. Typical capacitor rated at 105 ° c life may be 5,000 hours, capacitance compared to the actual working stress suffered rated level, the lower the effective working life is longer. Therefore, on the one hand, select rated long working life and to withstand high temperature electrolytic capacitors can prolong the working life of course. The other hand, according to the actual working stress and temperature, you can still choose a lower operating temperature and the rated life of the capacitor to provide lower-cost solutions; say in another way, in the design of appropriate stress and temperature, can prolong the working life of electrolytic capacitors, so that it would match with the LED life.

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