Horticulture / Livestock / Fishing / Human Centric Lighting Market Analysis

- Sep 18, 2017-

Horticulture / Livestock / Fishing / Human Centric Lighting Market Analysis

Topic One: Horticulture lighting

LED horticulture lighting is promising, and the market scale is expected to grow rapidly. The horticulture lighting (system) market in 2017 reaches about USD 690 million, LED lamps accounting for USD 193 million. The horticulture lighting (system) market will increase to USD 1.424 billion, the horticulture lighting LED lamp markets will increase to USD 356 million.


In American market, major lighting manufacturers have accelerated the development of horticulture lighting and industrial lighting, and significant revenue growth is expected to be achieved in 2017, then American market will be accounting for an increased proportion of 35%.


Chinese market has gradually become the regional market that foreign and domestic manufacturers have actively developed in recent two years, for example, Japan-based Mitsubishi Chemical plans to build 50 plant factories in China in 2017, and the domestic manufacturer Sanan Sino-Science invested huge funds in the construction of plant factory, future stimulating the market demand. Chinese market is expected to take up increasing proportion from 12% in 2016 to 15% in 2017.


Regarding U.S. and Mexican markets, the marijuana industry is expected to create the highest demand for LED grow lights. Meanwhile, greenhouse lighting will be the most popular due to a lack of sunshine and other factors.


Topic Two: Livestock lighting

As global population grows, worldwide meat demand rise. Nevertheless, birds such as chickens are more sensitive to light than humans are. Visual sensory‘s light spectrum range of poultry (such as chickens) is wider than that of humans. Chickens have stronger color sensation than humans do. They can recognize more light colors, and they can see UV. Besides, their sensitivity to red spectrum and blue spectrum is stronger than humans. Different light wavelengths make different changes to poultry’s biology (such as sexual maturity and production performance) and psychology. If light of feeding and raising poultry can be optimized, the quality of feeding and raising and products will be improved. For example, enhancing chicken meat’s quality or improving chicken's egg production percentage.

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Topic Three: Fishing Lighting

LED fishing lights can be adjusted to work with any species of fish. Compared to the industry’s traditional fishing lights, the LEDs are brighter and more power efficient. LED fishing lights are more capable of resisting direct impact, and can even withstand high temperatures while operating. Some LED fishing lights can be designed to work in deep sea environments. The directions of LED fishing lights can be adjusted easily to ensure better efficiency for users. LED fishing lights are gradually shifting towards higher brightness LEDs, modularization, and tilt angle designs.


Topic Four: Human Centric Lighting

Human centric lighting refers to the impact of lighting on human psychology and physiology like emotion, consciousness and vision, also the lighting in workplace affects work efficiency, in addition, it is necessary to keep sustainable development of environment and lay emphasis on environmental protection and energy saving. Artificial light sources should provide high-quality lighting, in the spectrum as similar as possible to natural light, and make full use of natural light, to make up for the deficiency of natural light in illumination and stability with science and technology. It is necessary to adopt safety, efficient and environment-friendly solutions and materials as far as possible. Integrating humanized intelligent control technology and providing a wide range of application functions, intelligent control is fully compatible with the visual needs of Human Factor Engineering, providing the best "people-oriented" lighting.

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