How Many Cows Will The Lighting Solution In A House?

- Oct 29, 2018-

How many cows will the lighting solution in a house?

It is included in the “13th Five-Year” national key research and development plan!

Chicken house lighting, can also study the famous name - recently, a "light-emitting LED intelligent lighting system based on the needs of poultry circadian rhythm", was included in the "13th Five-Year" national key research and development plan!

The team leader of the project, Qi Jinming, is a professor and doctoral tutor at the School of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science at Zhejiang University. No. 208 Kaixuan Road, Zhongke Lianchuang Industrial Design Center – is where his project has grown.

Entrusted by the National Semiconductor Lighting R&D and Industry Alliance, Prof. Yan’s team is working with the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly develop standards for LED poultry house lighting systems.

Let us take a look at why Professor Yan’s research is so cow?

The light is used right, the chicken is healthier.

"In the past, chicken farms used more incandescent lamps and fluorescent energy-saving lamps. These light sources have two main problems. Safety problems - easy to damage, may cause problems such as electricity safety and environmental pollution. Health problems - The spectrum is wrong and the strobo is too high, which has a great impact on the mood and growth of the chicken," said Professor Yan.

“Avians are more sensitive to light than humans.” Professor Yan said that in 2009, he began to study the effects of light on the physiological laws of poultry. At the time, there were few researchers at home and abroad.

Professor Wei’s team found that the duration of the light is very important – such as the newly hatched chicken, the first week can be fully illuminated 24 hours, and the light time, brightness, etc. should be lowered after growing up. Time and brightness slowly rise, and it is enough to keep the 16 hours of light during the laying period.

The light of different color systems will have different effects on the growth of the chicken. The team concluded after the experiment. The yellow LED light makes the chicken feed utilization the highest, and the meat grows faster. Generally, it is better than ordinary light. Chicken gains 2%. Under green and blue light, chicken activity is the worst, which may cause problems in physical fitness.

Even if it is all yellow, different spectral ratios are required for different breeds of chicken. Professor Yan said that chickens with powdered eggshells are better fighting, and those with brown shell eggs are gentler. The chickens with the following eggshell eggs should not be too bright...

The LED intelligent lighting system developed by Professor Yan's team not only includes the illumination duration, but also the spectrum, illumination intensity, stroboscopic problem, etc., and provides a complete set of lighting technology solutions through intelligent controllers.

The light is used right, the chicken is in a good mood, and the constitution is good. Not only is the egg production high, but the immunity is also enhanced.

In the year of 2012, when a large chicken farm in Tianjin broke out, the chicken house was installed in a general lighting house. The chicken was half dead, but the chicken house with the intelligent system of the company was installed. The mortality rate of the chicken. It is 20%.

In the near future, chickens will wear a "bangle"

Today, Professor Yan's research results have been stationed in more than 600 farms across the country, more than half of which are large well-known enterprises, including KFC's supplier Fuxi, Sichuan's Shengdile Village and so on.

The scientific research results can be successfully transformed. In the view of Professor Yan, in addition to the technical level of research must be too hard, the most grateful is that Hangzhou's entrepreneurial environment is good.

"Our company started to promote two people. My graduate student, Jiang Jinsong, and I are responsible for research and development. He runs the market. Every time he goes to a farm, he talks about all the data." Professor Yan said that after one year, he ran no less than 50. .

First, a free trial, "the earliest registered capital of 500,000, it took so."

The charcoal in the snow is the “Hundred Talents Plan” in Jianggan District. Prof. Yan’s Hangzhou Langtuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. received the highest funding, with a total amount of 4.99 million yuan, of which the first phase of 1.5 million yuan has been received, and the second phase of funding is currently being declared.

"Hangzhou's entrepreneurial environment is really good, not only financial support, but also various policy guidance, such as tax counseling, venture counseling, etc." When it comes to the road to entrepreneurship, he has some feelings.

Next, in addition to setting industry standards, Professor Yan’s team has many new research directions waiting to be overcome. For example, Professor Yan has recently developed a bracelet-like wearable device that can monitor the body temperature of a chicken after being attached to a chicken. It can timely understand the influence of the environment such as light on the chicken. Early warning.

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