How To Effectively Extend The Life Of LED Lights?

- Jun 28, 2018-

Regarding how to extend the life of LED lights, you know, here's a detailed introduction by Shenzhen AMB Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd (SZAMB)...

    LED lamps also have certain defects. The single LED lamp and LED lamp can be detected. There is still a certain difference in aging. This difference can be analyzed from the environment in which the LED lamp is used and other various parameters. How to effectively prolong the service life of the LED strip is a question worth discussing.


First, first of all, the choice of LED lamp quality is a very important factor. Different packaging processes can have a considerable impact on the quality of the product. The LED light encapsulated with a common primer is 76% less luminous decay than the LED light encapsulated with a Class A low-fat glue under the same aging conditions. Therefore, choosing an LED lamp made with a good packaging process will greatly extend its service life.

Secondly, secondly, when the LED lamp beads are working, the individual lamp beads will be heated and the temperature of the holder will not exceed 45 degrees. At this time, the life of the LED lamp will be ideal, but when the LED lamps make up the lamp set, the corresponding The temperature will rise, it is not conducive to long-term use of LED lamps.

Third, here are two ways to solve, the first is to choose a lamp group separated by a larger lamp, the best distance is more than 25MM, the second is the LED at work, it is best to have a small fan to help disperse it Heat, it will also extend its life.

In short, is afraid of heat, the higher the temperature, the shorter the LED life, the lower the temperature, the longer the LED life. The ideal operating temperature of the LED is of course between minus 5 and zero degrees. But this is basically impossible. Therefore, consumers must be aware of its performance when selecting LED lamps. At the same time, they should be reasonably protected when they are used, so that they can exert their optimal use effects and make it more attractive for you.

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