Inventory Of LED Lighting Lighting Industry's Unspoken Rules

- May 28, 2018-

Inventory of LED lighting lighting industry's unspoken rules

The unspoken rules are everywhere, not limited to officialdom, and the lighting and lighting industry is also full of unspoken rules. In order to mix in this industry, the unspoken rules are required courses, otherwise they must be bred.

Xiao Bian summed it up and found that the lighting industry has four unspoken rules:

1, buy lights only buy light frame light source

In a variety of phenomena appeared in some of the old dealers, they are meticulous, in order to maximize profits, the light and light sources to buy separately. As the lamp racks are involved in electroplating, hardware, welding, etc., it is very difficult for dealers to handle them, so they start with other accessories to effectively reduce costs.

2, the high price seems to be selling clothes

Maybe you have been accustomed to the chaos of the apparel industry in life, but when you walk into the LED lighting industry, please remember that this unspoken rule also applies.

Lighting products themselves are not stereotyped products, there are some artistic tastes, prices do not have a unified standard, so manufacturers are difficult to price. If this is the case, mark a high price and discount it for you. If you hold a real price, then customers who are used to discounting will insist on discounting you. According to industry sources, the actual price of a fixture with a price tag of more than a thousand is a few hundred. In fact, the artificially high price is not known to the manufacturer. Some dealers also follow suit.

3, energy-saving lamps virtual standard raised prices

In the field of energy-saving lamps, almost every company has hit the so-called three primary colors, all of which indicate the mercury content is less than what, but the actual situation, and their own understanding, the more serious is that some manufacturers falsely reported power, six watts as ten watts, ten Watts are said to be 15 watts, and the higher the wattage, the higher the selling price. Ordinarily, ordinary people will not personally take measurements. Measurement also requires specialized tools. In the increasingly fierce competition, false reporting power has become another means for companies to increase profits.

4, buy lights do not include installation service does not guarantee

In order to achieve the effect of damage, lighting products are best installed by professionals. In order to reduce after-sales service, dealers save a lot of money. After-sales service was originally a tool for manufacturers and customers to communicate, and eventually became a weapon to extract consumers.

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