LED Aging Equipment Maintenance Method

- Jun 01, 2018-

LED aging equipment maintenance method

The types of production lines are divided into product lines and component production lines according to the scope of the scope, and are divided into flow production lines and non-flow production lines according to the pace of the rhythm. According to the degree of automation, they are divided into automatic production lines and non-automated production lines.

The proportion of the main product or the majority of the product's process route and process labor of led spotlight production line determines that a production line has the necessary equipment for the completion of a certain number of product processing tasks, the arrangement of the machine equipment and the layout of the work site. Wait. The production line has greater flexibility and can adapt to the needs of multi-variety production; under the condition that the flow production cannot be adopted, the organization production line is a more advanced form of production organization; the product specification is more complicated and the number of components is more. In enterprises where the output of each product is not large, and machinery and equipment are insufficient, the use of production lines can achieve good economic benefits.

1. Maintenance and conservation methods of the head motor:

Do not add water to the motor or add diesel and liquid organic compounds to the motor. This may cause damage to the motor and cause problems. Speed control of the head with the motor. Check the electrician's manual for motor maintenance and maintenance.

2, chain maintenance and maintenance methods:

After a long period of operation, the chain may incur heat and volatilization of the original smooth oil, resulting in an unbalanced chain during operation, increased noise, etc. At this point you can turn on the tailgate and add butter or a little smooth oil to the chain.

3, reducer repair and maintenance methods:

For the first time, the engine oil in the gearbox will be used for about three months. Clean the gear box with diesel or gasoline. Add the new smooth oil to the middle of the inspection window immediately after the net is released. (Each month should pay attention to whether the smoothness is too small). It will be able to change the smooth oil once a year. Too much of the smooth oil may cause the gear box to generate heat. The excessive motor load will cause the motor maintenance switch to trip. Too little smooth oil may cause the gearbox to generate heat, increase noise and hang the gearbox and scrap it.

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