LED High Bay Light After-sales Service

- May 10, 2017-

LED mining lamp to energy saving and environmental protection, long life, good color and other advantages, more and more people apply to the factory floor and other lighting areas.

Nevertheless, some large stadiums, public places, gas stations and other outdoor lighting places are still using metal halide lamps, energy-saving lamps and other traditional lamps. Why the world is calling for LED lamps, but the penetration rate is not up to the expected requirements? In addition to lack of product awareness, high prices, early investment is the main factor affecting the popularity. But combined with product life cycle and other factors to consider, often is completely different results

In the short term, metal halide lamp input less than LED mining lamp.

In the long run, LED mining lamp is a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient green lighting products, and less than 1 year time will be fully recovered.

In fact, every manufacturer is doing direct sales, especially LED lights in this industry is particularly prominent, before selling products, many small manufacturers will give customers a very good commitment, such as: the day delivery, 5-year warranty, 5 years new, the most The key is that some small manufacturers will not exist within 2 years of the problem. So LED lights in this industry, customers are most worried about is the manufacturer's qualifications, after-sales, response speed.

Today, a factory owner not far from our factory to find us, said LED mining lamp is broken, and asked if we can help them repair and ask him how long to buy, he can not speak a year, we told the technology He is best not to find our maintenance, this product is generally three years warranty, three years of manufacturers are free warranty, no need to own this cost, let him go to sell him LED mining lamp manufacturers. But he told us that before the purchase, the LED mining lamp manufacturers to promise him is a five-year warranty, but now less than a year that the clerk phone can not get through, then no billing, but cash, opened the receipt. Understand the situation, we immediately send technicians to bring a few workers to the scene to help them repair lamps, but fortunately did not affect their normal work.

LED lights industry status is that the country is very small companies, especially in Guangdong, a few people is a company, when customers want to buy LED lights finished, they promise the most is the delivery of the same day delivery or 3 days Cargo; good after-sales service, warranty for five years, to know the full range of LED light source of the case, the complete production and testing process are more than 3 days,

This will lead to similar to the factory like this case of customers, lamps less than a year can not find the clerk, and can not find the reason is certainly the clerk of other customers also out of the quality of the problem, simply mobile phone number Change, and then another company to do business, then even signed a good contract for 5 years, it is only a white paper.

So I think LED lights in this industry, if you want to develop the company, continue to have more customer base, do not be conscience things, as Dong Mingzhu said: "Marketing is not a trading relationship, the goods I understand the marketing is a service, should allow consumers to enjoy the use of your products at the same time, get a quality service. No after-sales service is the best service, this is our long-term emphasis on the concept "

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