LED High Bay Light Classification

- May 17, 2017-

 LED High Bay Light  LED mining lamp in accordance with the lighting function can be divided into two kinds of general lighting and local lighting. Here's a brief introduction to their respective strengths:

General lighting

  LED High Bay Light LED mining lamp for general lighting type, usually evenly arranged in the workplace above or on the side wall, lighting the entire face, the need to use the larger power incandescent, halogen, high intensity gas discharge lamp or more Of the fluorescent lamp. Of course, there are more energy-efficient high-power LED mining lamps, etc., the vast majority of led mining lamps are such. General lighting on the distribution of light has a higher demand, widely used direct lighting and semi-direct lighting type of two types of light distribution, especially the latter. LED mining lamp for semi-direct lighting type, part of the light emitted up to illuminate the ceiling, you can increase the ceiling brightness, to create a more comfortable, more bright environment.

Local lighting

  LED High Bay Light LED mining lamp for local lighting, is to improve the work of a part of the illumination of the lamp. Its role can be based on the general lighting to strengthen, add lighting, it can be in some usually do not need lighting places (such as equipment maintenance, maintenance sites) as a temporary lighting. Most of their light distribution is not strictly regulated. This type of LED mining lamp is usually installed near the work area to use the safety extra low voltage (≤ 50V, AC rms) incandescent lamp, halogen light source. There are (portable) line lights, hanging lights, table lamp, machine work lights and so on. In some tall buildings, and sometimes use led flood light for local lighting.

  Electricity consumption has not fallen, saving current consumption has become a topic of concern to users, in addition to reducing electricity, the use of high energy and green high-tech led lights, is the most direct effect of the method.

       LED High Bay Light Light is the necessities of life, whether it is home, factories, shopping malls, and even the auditorium and the park, always need to have lights, light occupies an important position, which can be seen.

       If you can use energy-saving and environmentally friendly lights, in the long run, save money and save money, benefit from countless.

       Factory for the LED miner's lamp, as well as for street and park, tower crane LED flood light.

       To LED mining lamp, the energy-saving effect of 55% or more, the product operating life of up to 50,000 hours, and high brightness, color is good, reduce light failure, light stability and operating temperature at the end.

      Suitable for factory LED mining lamp, long-term use for manufacturers to save a lot of overhead.

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