LED Indoor Lighting Product Market Share State In Our Country

- Mar 05, 2016-

LED interior lighting in China focus on decorative lighting, such as entertainment, commercial lighting and public lighting such as underground parking lots, hotel corridors, has not really entered the market a lot of ordinary domestic lighting. LED indoor lighting products, commercial fluorescent lamps, downlights, spotlights, alternative to incandescent bulbs, freezer lights.

Many LED lighting products, LED light bulbs is one of the important forms. According to the top industry Institute for research on the global market for light bulbs, light bulb market in the short term at least until 2017, all traditional light, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, as well as new light sources such as LED bulbs, such as the common market. Substitution of LED light bulbs still needs over a period of time all major conventional and energy-saving light sources, LED light bulbs still in the market introduction phase at present. Expected after 2014 explosive quite strong LED light bulb business, after 2018, demand will be huge lead in fluorescent light.

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