LED Lamp Life Is Related To Those Factors

- Nov 08, 2018-

The poor toughness of the copper wire or the flexible circuit board of the LED lamp leads to the breakage of the LED lamp strip during bending, and also affects the life of the LED strip.

Power supply factor, LED light strip is generally powered by constant voltage power supply (DC switching power supply). If the output of the power supply is unstable or there is no surge protection, it will output unstable voltage and current when the external network voltage fluctuates. As the LED light strip operates at a non-standard voltage, it will also affect its service life.

Since the LED is a constant current component, the LED lamps produced by different manufacturers have different constant current effects, and the life expectancy is different.

In addition to the most common poor heat dissipation, LED dead light or light decay according to the application experience, the cause of discoloration is also caused by the pollution of chemical substances in the manufacturing process, for the downstream application side, in addition to the proper heat dissipation solution In addition, in the process of assembly of the luminaire, or the chemical additives of the manufacturing process, it is necessary to avoid the so-called chemical incompatibility.

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