LED Lights Flashing Common Causes And Solutions

- Mar 05, 2016-

Usually the human eye can perceive frequencies up to 70Hz Flash of light, higher frequencies are not perceived. LED commercial lighting applications, the low frequency component of the pulse frequency below 70Hz, eye blinking would feel. Of course, in the specific application, a variety of factors can lead to LED light is blinking. To avoid this problem, you must enable primary bias to partial discharges in each half cycle, accordingly, needs the right choices this biasing circuit of capacitor and resistor value.

Even in use provides excellent power factor correction, supports TRIAC dimmer LED driver applications, as well as electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering. The TRIAC step (step) transient currents caused by fires in EMI filter inductance and capacitance of the natural resonance. If this resonance characteristics of input currents down to TRIAC under current, TRIAC will turn off. After a short delay, TRIAC turn-on, usually will, inspire the same kind of resonance

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