LED Outdoor Lighting Radiator Design Research

- Mar 05, 2016-

Heat sink is led lighting is a key part, its shape, volume, radiating surface area must be designed to be consistent to the benefit, the radiator is too small, led lamps the operating temperature is too high, affect the luminous efficiency and long life, the radiator is too large, consume materials increase the product cost and weight, to make our products competitive decline. The LED lamp heatsink designed is crucial. Heat sink design has the following sections:

1. clear LED lights require thermal power.

2. Design radiator with a few parameters: metal specific heat, thermal conductivity of metal chip thermal resistivity, ambient air around the heat sink thermal resistance, thermal resistance and so on.

3. determine the types of uses, (natural convection cooling and heat, strong winds, as well as other means of cooling heat sink. ) From the cost comparison: natural convection construction cost, wind cooling medium high heat cost, highest Jet cooling cost.

4. determine the LED lamps and the maximum permissible operating temperature (ambient temperature and lighting permits temperature),

5. calculate the size of radiator, the radiator area. And to determine the shape of the radiator.

6. set heat sink and LED the complete lighting and power work more than eight hours at room temperature under 39 ℃-40 ℃ environment check the temperature of the lamp, meet cooling requirements, to verify that the calculations are correct, does not satisfy the conditions, you want to recalculate and adjust the parameters.

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