LED Outdoor Lighting To The Heat Sink Materials Selection Aspects Should Be Aware Of

- Mar 05, 2016-

Housings and radiator designed as one, to solve the heating problems LED, better this way, usually made of aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, and good thermal conductivity of other alloys. Cooling air convection cooling heat dissipation and heat, strong winds, (Jet cooling heat sink is a similar heat, but the structure is more complex. )

Choose what kind of cooling, direct impact on the cost of lamps, should be taken into account, and design supporting the best programme.

Lampshade design selection is critical, currently used by transparent plexiglass, PC materials, shade is a traditional clear glass products, exactly what shade of the material relates to design product positioning, generally speaking, outdoor shade is best to traditional glass lamps, it is the manufacture of long-life, the best choice for upscale lighting. Lamp shade is made of transparent materials such as plastic, plexiglass, do shade better indoor lighting, outdoor life is limited, because outdoor sunlight, ultraviolet rays, dust, chemicals, factors such as changes in temperature between day and night to make lampshades and aging life cut short, followed by pollution is not easy to settle clean, shade effects less light output.

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