Smart LED Tunnel Lights Slash Nordic Road Tunnels Energy Consumption

- Aug 29, 2016-

Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, today announced the illumination of the newly built road tunnel and bridge in Kvarnholmen, Sweden and the refurbishment of the Sørnes Tunnel in Ålesund, Norway with Philips’ latest connected  LED Flood Light system 

Connecting cities in Sweden

East to Sweden’s capital city Stockholm, a new road tunnel was constructed to connect the city of Kvarnholmen to the center of Nacka. With Philips’ TotalTunnel system, the Kvarnholmen tunnel became one of Sweden’s first road tunnels to implement connected Industrial LED Lighting lighting that is remotely controllable and delivers up to 75% energy savings.

"The Nacka municipality's aim was to build a secure, traffic-safe environment and have energy-efficient lighting with the lowest environmental impact as possible. We also wanted a lighting system with low maintenance costs," says Mikael Jansson, responsible for street lighting in the Nacka municipality.

Increasing safety and comfort in Norway with the right lighting

The Sørnes Tunnel in Ålesund, Norway that carries an average of 22,400 vehicles per day, is a heavily-used road tunnel where good visibility is a major contributor to road safety. The tunnel’s old sodium-based lighting system had become outdated and required frequent repairs. Philips’ TotalTunnel system was implemented in the 236 meter long road tunnel to offer a fully integrated LED lighting system and dynamic digital control system to maximize visibility from a greater distance and the reduction of maintenance costs.

The contractor of the project, Øystein Nedregård, Head of Department for Traffic at Caverion, explains: "Philips’ connected LED lighting provides a consistent form of lighting with minimal dazzling, which makes it far more comfortable to drive through the tunnel."

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