Three New Design Concepts For Led Lighting

- Aug 28, 2018-

China led industry started in the 1970s, led home lighting factory learned that up to now, led lighting has three latest design concepts: mood lighting, scene lighting, human lighting. The following is a detailed introduction to the three design concepts.

    The mood lighting has four aspects: one is environmental protection and energy conservation, the other is health, the third is intelligent, and the fourth is humanization. It designs lamps with human needs. Emotional lighting is based on human emotions, creating a mood-like lighting environment from a human perspective. The mood lighting is dynamic, and it is a lighting method that can satisfy people's spiritual needs, making people feel sentimental.

    Scenario lighting is designed to meet the needs of the environment. The venue is the starting point. It aims to create a beautiful and beautiful lighting environment to enhance the scene effect and make people feel the scene atmosphere. Scenario lighting is static, which emphasizes the need for scene lighting.

    Humanistic lighting is a kind of people-oriented lighting, harmonious lighting environment, in the lighting and lighting effects, the pursuit of humanities, science and technology, art unity. The most important thing in humanistic lighting is not to realize a certain function, a product, or a system, but to focus on the real feelings and experiences of consumers.

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