What Are The Bad LED Lights?

- Aug 25, 2018-

Low carbon environmental protection, energy saving, long life and other characteristics are the most important specifics of LED lights. Now more and more people are abandoning fluorescent lamps and other LED lights, but people often use LED lighting in their daily life. . Now the engineering department of Shenzhen Century Ruiguang Technology Co., Ltd. explains the reasons for the damage of LED lights for better use.

   1, the heat dissipation of the lamp is not good, the temperature inside the lamp is too high, and the characteristics of the LED are deteriorated.

   2, in the assembly, there is no anti-static work, so that the inside of the LED has been damaged by static electricity. Despite the application of normal voltage and current values, it is extremely susceptible to LED damage.

   3. Sudden rise in the supply voltage causes a sudden increase in the voltage of the power supply. For example, the quality of the power supply or the improper use of the user may cause the power supply voltage to suddenly rise.

   4. A partial short circuit in the LED power supply path is usually caused by a short circuit of a component or printed wiring or other wires in the line.

   5. An LED is short-circuited due to its own quality, and its original voltage drop is transferred to other LEDs.

   6, the inside of the lamp into the water, the water is conductive, which leads to short circuit of the lamp line.

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