Why Is Chicken Farm Lighting?

- Aug 02, 2018-

Why is chicken farm lighting? Artificial lighting is one of the important means of environmental control in laying hens. Choose the right type of lamp. At the same time, the use of scientific and reasonable lighting system, such as light rhythm and light intensity, can effectively promote the growth and development of laying hens, improve production performance, meet animal welfare, and save energy.

With scale. 4. The rise of intensive farming, closed chicken houses are favored by people. Artificial lighting has become the only source of illumination for house lighting control.

For a long time. The artificial light source used in the breeding field consumes a lot of energy. And the light quality of the physiological needs of laying hens is difficult to regulate, directly affecting the production efficiency of laying hens. For example, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and the like. With the further study of the relationship between economical light energy and laying hen production by experts and scholars. A new type of light source LED light has entered the field of vision of experts. A series of technical system indicators such as growth and development, feeding behavior and reproductive performance of laying hens were studied around the LED light source index.

After research and a lot of practice, the appropriate LED light illumination adjustment. Can significantly improve the production performance of laying hens. At the same time, it has a promoting effect on the growth and immunity of laying hens.

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