Why AMB led lights is more expensive than other Chinese suppliers

From now on, you will look at led light in a totally different way, in terms of image, quality and feeling!
Here, we introduce you to a new light standard. AMB LED high bay. developed by our Japanese ,Sweden  professionals and produced in our own top technology facility.
We are AMB which stands for 'New led high bay Light'.
LED light, with all its technical and visual characteristics, but in particular a quality of light that provides you with a new visual experience, completely in line with both your requirements and expectations, for now and in the future.
Better, more cost-efficient, more sustainable 
Light is taken for granted by everyone but it's also indispensable for life!
That light is now on the verge of a new beginning. Old standards are fast disappearing. A new and better standard has emerged and it's completely sustainable.
Conventional light sources currently use about 20% of all the energy consumed by mankind, but that will soon change. LED lighting can actually reduce that number by over 50%!
Europe (NEW) driver technology, developed in the Netherlands, is helping to fuel this lighting revolution. With an entirely new approach to lighting technology and our VITRUM® driver-concept, AMB  is taking a giant step into the future of LED light. It's a major step forward allowing us to deliver new lighting products that integrate and provide optimum quality and experience for the consumer.
USA (Bridgelux)and Japan(Citizen)COB LED , together with the best 990 gold wire , pure copper cooling system  and 3M cooling sourcing , which makes AMB led high bay working temperature is less than 48degree
Worldwide patent struture design ,which makes AMB led high bay as a work of art